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Latte Art Experience – Waco

Start Your
Latte Art Craft

If you get a cup of espresso with Latte Art, you know someone went to extra trouble–and face it, that feels a little bit like love.  Everyone wants that…

Latte Art





Have fun learning the basics of Latte Art from steaming the milk to pouring hearts. Sign up today and bring a friend. When you leave, you probably won’t be a “latte artist” but you will be equipped with the knowledge and some experience for how to practice.

Two Hours Of Learning Fun

From Steaming Milk To Pouring Hearts & Flowers

We will start by learning how to pour.  It looks easy but most of us have no foundation for “how to pour.”  We practice with water, soap suds and, finally, steamed milk.  Getting the milk down is the key and you’ll discover some secretes to practice that saves time, coffee and milk.


The act of pouring art has almost no reference point to any other part of our lives.  We will practice with water first.  It’s fun and surprisingly helpful.


If the milk to too flat or foamy, art doesn’t happen.  This is the most important part for a new latte artist.  But, it takes practice, too.

Art (or not)

Although this will not win any contest, it’s a good attempt.  Practice will make it better.  Just keep practicing.